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View Diary: UPDATE-I'm the "bottle-thrower" Mayor Quan, your legal adviser knows it, go ahead & arrest me again. (143 comments)

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  •  I've been reading up on riot control (9+ / 0-)

    tactics.  If there had been a riot by demonstrators (which there wasn't)  police in gas masks would have advanced on the crowd with shields in front of them,  pounding on the shields. This is intentional to intimidated protesters.  Gas canisters (if used) would be rolled with their feet in front of  them, creating a wall of gas to push the crowd back.  Rubber bullets (if they had been needed, which they weren't) should have been shot at the ground in front of demonstrators where they would bounce hitting legs.  Painful,  but not lethal. Any firing directly at a person has the potential to kill or maim.  

    •  The thing about dispatching riot police... (4+ / 0-)
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      is that there's a risk involved. And it's not just the risk that police may be injured in fighting.

      The risk is that, if the situation on the streets is tense but not violence, the presence of riot police might start a riot. More so if they take an aggressive posture without trying to get people to calm down and go home first.

      It's worse if they bring troops, because it turns into a slaughter; not only because the presence of riflemen is also likely to spark a riot, and not only because riflemen can kill people quickly and efficiently if they put their minds to it, but because any troops the rioters get their hands on will be ripped to shreds, quite literally. There's a reason the cops in Iran ran so fast, one video'd confrontation, when the protesters ran toward them - they were running for their lives. Just because a crowd is unarmed doesn't mean they aren't deadly - we saw what happened to Vadim Nurzhitz and Yosef Avrahami.

      Fortunately, in the USA, it's not so often that combat troops are brought in for riot control. But it was once, and hey, it might be again.

      "But there's one thing that gives every Marine the willies, and anyone saying otherwise is a liar. Drop pods. That shit is terrifying, son."

      by Shaviv on Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 09:20:15 PM PDT

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