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View Diary: OPD's Violent's Raid:OccupyOaklands General Strike Nov 2: Update: Oakland Teachers Union support (107 comments)

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    Argentinians should #OccupyArgentina.

    •  Many of them already do. (5+ / 0-)

      The Veterans of Plaza de Mayo started camping out in 2010:

      According to Argentine law, only combatants in the theater of operations count as war veterans, not the support soldiers stationed on the coast. "I am a veteran, ” said Tulio Fraboschi, president of the camp. “It’s not necessary to have a mark on the body.”

      Fraboschi and many of the soldiers here say they are scarred, but not from battles. They say their superior officers starved, humiliated and even tortured them during their service. One common form of torture involved staking a man to the ground and leaving him at the mercy of the Patagonian cold, sometimes naked for days.

      But what’s worse says Fraboschi was coming home and being treated as if they had never served at all. “They never give us honors. They never received us like veterans or people who go for war.”

      There are two groups, Mothers of Plaza de Mayoand Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo who hold regular demonstrations. Their story is some ways even sadder than the veterans. Adult children were 'disappeared' during the military dictatorship and many were killed, even more just never appeared again. Their children were sent off to be adopted by those in leadership positions. Today, there is still a huge debate about what should happen to those kids - if records that exist should be released so that they can be returned to their original families.

      Here is what we saw last time we were downtown:


      The people in costume had just marched in a Latin American Days parade, the family was there for the day, and the guys in the background are the veterans. The signs circle the Plaza.

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