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  •  We must remember that it isn't that we're divided, (10+ / 0-)

    but that we have been deliberately divided.

    The lies, the racism, the fear has been cultivated for a purpose: to manipulate people against themselves for the benefit of the wealthy elite.

    If we don't give up on people in our families who piss us off, then we don't give up on the average Tea Partier.   Look at Shane Brooks as a good example of someone who came to the Tea Party honestly, & was kicked out as a result of wanting real discussion instead of just rallying against Soshulizm.  

    I am not ashamed of my time with the Tea Party.  All I really did was speak from the heart and stand up for what I thought was right.  Admittedly, at times, I was consumed by emotions of anger and true, heartfelt sadness.  Sometimes, it clouded my better judgment and made it more difficult to remain humble. Yes, from time to time I gave in to kneejerk reactions, emotions and my own hypocrisies too.  I'm just like you, I'm human.

    My differences with the Tea Party started when I began to question the leadership and when I began speaking of uniting around a more inclusive and open idea for a real grassroots movement for American unity.  I was banned for "causing problems."  By "causing problems" they meant presenting facts and arguments they couldn't intelligently rebut.

    Once I was banned, it started an avalanche of people getting banned and kicked off of their online network.

    Shane's Coffee Party Blog

    We're not going to immediately agree on everything, or perhaps even most things, with former/current Tea Partiers.  But we must know by now that the average self-described conservative is an honest person who hates the banks and isn't really against socialism, only its specter as drawn by the Hydra of Koch, Ailes, Luntz, Armey, ad nauseam infinitam.  They may be histori-culturally deficient in understanding the rights of women, minitories, and LGBTQ.  They may not have a good grasp of science or environmentalism.  But these things can't be beaten into them; they must be guided with care.

    Occupy renounces violence in protests; we must renounce violence in discussion with the average person.  Electeds, pundits, media, consultants are another matter: they are the dividers and need not be spared, for they cannot be changed except by force of democracy or the fear thereof.  They're the 1% for the 1%.   But the avg. Tea Partier is the 99%.


    The rich are eating the world. The Republicans are their teeth. The Democrats are dentists who refuse to pull those teeth because they are so beautiful and sharp.

    by Leftcandid on Sun Oct 30, 2011 at 07:04:12 AM PDT

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