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  •  Unfortunately the phrase will be used to box (2+ / 0-)
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    mitumba, Matt Z

    in President Obama during the re-election campaign. It is already being deployed to try and prevent him talking honestly about the atrocious state of infrastructure, the uncompetitiveness of our workforce and our exceptionally dumb response to climate change.

    The success of Occupy Wall Street at least gives some hope that more and more Americans are seeing through this charade - and certainly any American coming back from a business trip to China must find it harder and harder to justify how far behind this country is falling.

    The danger I see is that something you rightly point out is mostly an annoyance to the rest of the world is being used with cynical precision in this election cycle to cut off a long overdue and honest look at the "State of the Union" and how we compare with others.

    I'm sure that in the corporate boardrooms of America they're laughing just as hard at how easy it is to sell this "feel good" nonsense to the masses while they're planning the next overseas expansion.

    •  oops - for "uncompetitive workforce" I should say (1+ / 0-)
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      uncompetitive work environment. The American workforce is still a huge potential plus for this country - but the obscene excuse for a health care "system", the near absence of union protections, and the lack of support for retraining means we're still heavily dependent upon an older skilled labor pool, and somehow pretending we can pay new car workers $19/hr and on that expect them to:
      a) buy a house
      b) raise a family
      c) put their kids through college
      d) pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical copays
      e) gamble their retirement on the stock market.

      The sense I get is that the conservative elite are just cashing out right now - they have zero confidence in this country. They're wrong - but they really truly don't care anymore except to protect their "winnings"

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