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  •  That's not the definition of "American Exceptional (0+ / 0-)

    ism".  It doesn't mean "America is always right, by definition", it means that there are good things America has done that (almost) nobody else has (or is currently doing, anyway).  Landing on the moon, for example.  Being the only western country that's ever elected an ethnic minority as head of state or head of government, for example.  Being a technoligcal, scientific, economic, military, and cultural super-power, for example.

    Some right wingers take it even further and put aspects of destiny, fate, or religion into it ("God or fate put the US on the earth in order to fulfill a destiny (of some sort)").

    Those that believe "America is always right" are foolhardy, but that's not "American Exceptionalism".  BTW, those that think "America is always wrong" are equally foolish, IMO.

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