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    When in-vitro fertilization is done (test tube babies), the loss or mortality of the fertilized human ova is 50 percent.  So let’s start with 1,000 fertilized eggs.  That drops to 500 surviving. Furthermore, based on medical evidence that goes back to the early 1990’s, the spontaneous abortion rate (or miscarriage rate) in humans (often referred to as EOP or end of pregnancy in the medical literature) is over 70% after fertilization and the appearance of embryonic tissue.  That drops the number of surviving embryos to 150.  Finally, the spontaneous abortion rate for pregnancies that produce detectable embryonic tissue and all later fetuses subtracts 30% more from the total number. What it means is that of 1,000 conceptions, only about100 survive giving us a total miscarriage rate of 90 percent.
        Last year there were 133 million live births in the world.   Simple math shows us that total natural abortions for humans last year was 250 million.  Over a period of 4 years, the total number of embryos and fetuses that failed to be born would be over one billion!
        The “pro-life” crowd that bombs abortion clinics should instead turn their explosive attentions to churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples.  If they believe that a human life begins, and a soul is infused at the “moment of conception,” (whatever that means), one can only conclude, as did former Dominican priest and eminent geneticist Francisco Ayala, that God is the greatest abortionist of all.  What a waste of souls.  And they have no place to go, now that the Church decided limbo was a metaphysical fabrication in 2007.

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