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View Diary: Occupy Denver- 10-29-2011 Eviction Livestream (206 comments)

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  •  aclu (4+ / 0-)

    They always have been very helpful in the past. Got a settlement out of Denver for arrests made during the DNC 2008. Were involved with the spy files where Denver police and fbi were keeping files on regular citizens, etc. I don't know why they would not be active now.

    They don't accept new cases over the phone, but you can contact them here:

    Intake Department
    ACLU of Colorado
    P.O. Box 18986
    Denver, CO 80218-0986
    Attn:  Legal Intake                                                    

    OR:  e-mail to                                                                
    OR:  fax to 303-777-1773

    America is so not like her hype.

    by OLinda on Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 07:22:43 PM PDT

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    •  more (4+ / 0-)

      Here is a main contact number. At least you could get questions answered and advice on what to do, although they would not open a case until a letter, fax, or email was received.

      Call us:
      (303) 777-5482

      America is so not like her hype.

      by OLinda on Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 07:25:54 PM PDT

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      •  Thanks! n/t (4+ / 0-)

        "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

        by mahakali overdrive on Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 07:26:31 PM PDT

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        •  MO, O/T Horace mentioned he'd (3+ / 0-)

          queued up a diary for occupy Portland before he left to go to occupy Portland.  Do you have any idea where he would have queued it, or is it already up?  I just want to make sure it gets published and that we keep an eye on things here.  I'm not a member of the OWS group, so can't check the queue, and am hoping you are (or of whichever group it went to).

          It may be he set it to publish at a specific time, which is what I'm hoping.

          "On their backs were vermiculate patterns that were maps of the world in its becoming. Maps...of a thing which could not be put back. Not be made right again."

          by middleagedhousewife on Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 07:30:31 PM PDT

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        •  more, just fyi (3+ / 0-)

          This started before the occupations, but is something the Colorado ACLU has been working on:

          Welcome to the Race to Justice campaign.

          The recent incidents of excessive force and racial profiling committed by Denver's Police and Sheriff Departments simply cannot be allowed to continue. Denver needs a radical overhaul of our public safety agencies; one that rebuilds community trust and creates an atmosphere where abuse is never tolerated. The ACLU, along with many other community groups and local leaders, is demanding immediate action. Here's how you can help:

          SIGN OUR PETITION: Call on Mayor Hancock to make radical overhaul of Denver’s public safety agencies his top issue.

          Why did we take out an ad in the Denver Post? Because reform cannot wait. We are encouraged by the Justice Department's decision to consider a formal investigation of Denver's law enforcement agencies, but this conversation needs to begin with the community.

          We're making progress. On August 4th, 2011 we met with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and discussed our ideas for reforming Denver's law enforcement agency. We presented him with this letter and list of suggested policy changes. In late October, the Denver Police Department announced it was adopting one of our suggestions by creating a pilot program that will issue body-worn cameras to officers. Watch our video response here.


          America is so not like her hype.

          by OLinda on Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 07:33:37 PM PDT

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