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View Diary: Occupy Denver: Rubber Bullets, Batons, Pepper spray [Updated: 20 arrested, multiple injured] (188 comments)

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  •  Arrests in Austin, Portland, Denver last night (3+ / 0-)
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    I'm probably forgetting somewhere. But I know that as of an hour back or so, I heard there were still at least a dozen people in Austin sitting in jail.

    Can we check up on them and see if they're going to be released? Especially anyone who might live in area?

    I found their local NLG # listed here: (512)472-8263

    What happened in Denver last night was completely and totally unacceptable. There was internal dissent in the group that I watched with one person quitting on twitter, saying he was too radical for the group, directing it at someone with a twitter of indigo-something. I think this may have weakened the occupation in that there was not a consistent focus on OWS strategies on nonviolence, per se. And the police, wrong as it is, will exploit any opportunity possible to subsequently harm perfectly peaceful protesters.

    I know that a reporter said that in jail, people were being beaten. I've not yet tracked that info down again.

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