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View Diary: To Those I Care About Who Have Never Been Tear-Gassed (65 comments)

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  •  They way a CS bomb works is (3+ / 0-)
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    Andhakari, Anonymous, Teddy R

    Inside the canister there is a non-flammable organic solvent which expands as propellant in a container surrounded by the CS media. A small detonator breaches the propellant canister driving gas outward through the CS media dissolving it on the way as the gas expands ever outward (gas expands to fill a container under pressure or until it fully diffuses in the atmosphere) transporting the volatilized CS "gas".

    If you noticed it's like a white cloud that's because the CS is actually atomized solid particles, not really gaseous, so it diffracts the light. This is good because what you can see is what you get, so as long as you are clear of the white cloud you won't be affected although you would smell the gunpowder of the shot charge which travels at much higher velocity, hence, tends to travel faster/further than the CS cloud.

    The antidote for CS is a dilute aqueous solution of sodium bisulfite, usually a 10:1 dilution of 5% sodium bisulfide. Some anarchists have been known to carry plastic water squeeze bottles of the stuff to wash their eyes and nostrils in case they get a whiff.

    Short of a proper gas mask, the usual preparation/defense is:

    Wear a full head covering such as a scarf or hooded jumper (full face mask may be illegal). Notice many experienced protestors wear these around the world.

    Keep a damp cloth in a plastic bag in your pocket.

    Keep some swimming goggles (cheap but effective) in your pocket pre adjusted to put on quickly or around you neck where you can pull them up quick.

    If the canisters start flying, put on your goggles to protect your eyes, keep the wet cloth in hand for breathing if needed and if you see a gas cloud headed your way crouch down in a near fetal position with your head down and nose and mouth covered and stay until the dense cloud passes.

    Do NOT use the cloth to wipe your face of eyes as it will contain CS and just spread it, toss it out.

    If you got stung, the antidote will neutralize the CS immediately. That's why to have it is a squeeze bottle to wash your face if blinded by just squirting it.

    If you get caught in a cloud wait until the dense part passes before you leave.

    BTW, because you might be in a crouching position, in case you get accosted by police at the time it's easy to go prone which could save your life as it is a non-threatening surrender position.

    What you don't want to do is follow natural instinct and run through the cloud to escape, I think as you learned, just one good whiff is enough to temporarily blind you.

    Fundamentally, you want to protect your eyes and nose (directly connected) first, so if you are not prepared, just crouching and covering your eyes with your hands and breathing against your body is the next best thing, but DON'T RUB YOUR EYES!

    CS gas damage ranges from mild irritation to chemical burn.

    Never provoke a tear gas attack, folks, once you go there, you won't want to go back.

    Save your free speech till you clear the danger zone, that's my advice.

    What about my Daughter's future?

    by koNko on Tue Nov 01, 2011 at 12:54:55 AM PDT

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    •  Great comment. (1+ / 0-)
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      You might consider offering a 'practical' diary on surviving police violence.

      "Our answer is more democracy, more openness, more humanity." ~Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg

      by Andhakari on Tue Nov 01, 2011 at 02:24:09 AM PDT

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