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View Diary: One police officer's reaction to Oakland/Denver (278 comments)

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  •  CEMA revisited (1+ / 0-)
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    The Blue Book on Law Enforcement Mutual Aid:

    It reads to me that the approval would have been through the Regional Coordinator, p15, which is the Alameda Sheriff.

    •  That's interesting (0+ / 0-)

      and makes a lot of sense.

      Still complete overkill to engage this system IMHO.  

      •  'successful uses' (0+ / 0-)


        The Law Enforcement Mutual Aid system has been used successfully for many years. Notable
        events involving use of this system include:

        Northern California Floods
        Firestorms of 2003, 2007
        Transportation accidents, air crashes
        Watts Riots
        People’s Park – Berkeley Civil Unrest
        Huntington Beach “Surf” Riot
        Loma Prieta Earthquake
        East Bay Hills (Oakland) Fire
        Several Environmental Protests
        Los Angeles Civil Unrest
        Polly Klaas and other large searches
        Elem Indian Reservation SWAT Incident
        Hollister “Wild Bunch” Motorcycle Events
        Sund-Peloso Yosemite Murders
        Regional SWAT Mutual Aid Callout for Fresno Deputy’s Killer

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