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View Diary: The Hill Poll confirms, yes, income inequality is a big deal in America (40 comments)

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    I think that it really doesn't matter. Frank Luntz is effective at generating cute phrases that stick to people that aren't paying attention, but those days are fast receding in the rear-view mirror.

    Things are changing and people are paying attention. You can't call a working man a communist after he's been forced out of his home and made to collect safety net benefits. The power of those tactics wanes as more people realize that they are being directed at them instead of one of those "other" people.

    I would think this means that more Americans will be disinclined to latch onto cute slogans and more willing to study the issues at hand.

    People understand they are getting screwed by the rich and a I don't believe that a keyword here and there is going to change their minds.

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