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View Diary: The Hill Poll confirms, yes, income inequality is a big deal in America (40 comments)

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  •  Please, Please, Please (2+ / 0-)
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    happymisanthropy, lanman04

    Don't let the Super Committee get shit done.

    God forbid, Max Baucus get all "Crazy Batshit Centristy" and cross over to join with the GOP in approving some godawful austerity package with Democratic fingerprints all over it.

    It would be just our luck to have massive entitlement cuts have Democratic fingerprints on them just as OWS changes the national discussion in America.

    If the GOPers had a brain between them, they would see just how suicidal it is for Democrats to be proposing massive austerity for a modest tax or revenue increase/bribe, and agree to some embarassingly small fig leaf revenue increase and then stick the Democrats with out-wingnutting Simpson-Bowles on the Social Safety Net right as OWS becomes the paradigm.

    •  Knowing that the Right has no shame (1+ / 0-)
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      I'm betting that the reward for the Super Committee passing anything will be a shitstorm of commercials attacking the Democratic Party from the Left on Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid for our troubles.

      I bet Fox News suddenly discovers a newfound respect for OWS protester interviews if they can rub massive safety net cuts in their faces with glee.

      At least the OWS people know who the real bad guys are.

      It took me months to undue GOP bullshit about Medicare cuts in 2010 with my elderly relatives.

      It's not like we live in a nation filled with people who have any fucking clue who is really fucking them over, and we have the perfect news media to forget all about Paul Ryan and suddenly cast the GOP as the "Great Defenders" of the social safety net.

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