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View Diary: The War on Halloween? Really? (103 comments)

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    Halloween IS under attack, and has been for years.  Attacked by evangelical Christians who see it as a Satanic holiday.  To be fair, a number of faiths in this country refuse to celebrate Halloween, but it has been many of the looney-right-wing-fringe evangelical groups that Republicans cater to that have tried to squelch public Halloween displays, including in our schools.

    As a side comment: I was on Amazon last night looking for the Harry Potter books because I thought, hey, it's about time I read the damn things.  You might think, as I did, that it would be easy to search Harry Potter on Amazon and just get listings without the usual right-wing bullshit.  Oh NO!  There are plenty of Christian titles trying to piggyback off of J.K. Rowlings success by attacking Harry Potter, but putting Harry Potter in the title so that it comes up on Amazon.  Clever capitalists, those fuckers, eh?  "What's a Christian to do with Harry Potter?" comes up on the first and second page of Amazon search listings.

    These people are scared shitless that little kids dressing up like witches and wizards and ghosts are going to bring on the fucking apocalypse.  And Fox News is worried that Mexicans are going to hurt Christmas?  Mexicans LOVE Halloween!

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