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View Diary: Did Karl Rove Give Politico Herman Cain Sex Harassment Story (47 comments)

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  •  I suspect Rove, but there's no evidence (3+ / 0-)
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    Actually, it would be easier to believe if it were all a lie, if there had been no settlements at all in Cain's past. As you document, Rove does like the big lie. One other baseless rumor that sounds possible is that someone in the National Restaurant Association is behind it.  I would be stunned if any Democrat would do this favor for Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

    •  Maybe not for Romney, but Perry perhaps (0+ / 0-)

      After seeing him preform, not only in the Debates, but in N.H. the other night, could you picture him as the G.O.P. nominee? If Romney were to be the nominee, even though he has no core, he still would be stiff competition for the President. With the economy so bad, many voters won't care about his "core", all they care about is jobs and a recovery. The only place the core matters is in the Republican primary, the tea baggers want a candidate who thinks like them and acts like them, Herman Cain is their guy, electrocuting undocumented workers, harrassing women in the workplace,giving away money to the rich, all the things Cain talks about they love, Romeny they can't trust.
      I really have to laugh when I hear the right wing say these "attacks" on Cain are coming from the left. Have they seen the polls, the left would love nothing better than to have Cain as the G.O.P. nominee. Pit him against the President, please.  There are only two people who gain from this, Perry or Romeny. Perry is desperate, and Romeny is sleazy enough to do it without getting caught. Just look at how he visted Trump, with no pictures to capture the moment. Both have enough money to make shit like this happen. The Democrats are only worried about Romeny, he is the only real competition for the Independent vote, not Cain, or even Perry.

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