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View Diary: Did Karl Rove Give Politico Herman Cain Sex Harassment Story (47 comments)

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  •  Once again, it is a case of, if they say it enough (2+ / 0-)
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    people will beleive it.
    Isn't Jonathan Martin of Politico a Rove protegee? I don't know where I heard that a while back, but I heard it.
    The problem is, the folks who support Herman Cain could care less if he was charged with sexual harrassment, it makes them like him even more.
    I read an article on Druge this moring from "The Hill", where the victim's lawyer said Cain broke the confidentially agreement on Fox by talking about the victim's job performance, so now it is O.K. for her to talk. I also read where she only recieved about $40,000. a year's pay. I find it sad that someone like Cain is allowed to get away with something like this and still expect to run for POTUS, raking in millions of dollars, while his fans bash the victim calling her a gold digger for $40,000.
    Herman Cain, is a living breathing image of the fucked up society his supporters want to bring us back to. Where there are no rules for the rich and they can do anything and everything they please to anyone they please, and just pay a few buck to make it all go away.
    If Rove did leak this information, and it can be traced back to him, he finally did a service for the country, Clarence Thomas got away with sexually harrassing Anita Hill, but Herman Cain should not today be able to get away with the same. But then again, Cain may simply overtly harrass women, Romney harrasses woman through the legislation he wants to see passed. They are all fucked up.

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