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View Diary: Obama fighting back against war on voting (220 comments)

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  •  The law is on the books. Fight or don't vote (0+ / 0-)

    Accept that the laws will still be on the books next year.  Plan for Obama to fail in the attempt to get the law overturned, and plan for everyone without an ID to be turned away from the polls.

    So we can either call for every single person able to get an ID to do so, and do so now, so that as many people as possible do get to vote.  That's step one.

    Step two is to count every single person who is disenfranchised by these new rules, who absolutely could not get an ID, and use that to get the law repealed for the '14 elections.

    But if people don't even try to get an ID, and the law isn't overturned, what's your plan B?

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