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View Diary: Introducing the Same Day Registration and Voter Access Protection Act (117 comments)

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  •  Voting is a RIGHT, not a privilege ... (5+ / 0-)

    there should be no bars, impediments, hurdles or costs to exercise the right to vote.

    Once an individual reaches majority under the law, they gain the right to vote.

    If it is necessary to eliminate the estimated 0.00003 - 0.0009% of voter fraud that happens in US elections, do what they do in Iraq. Stick index finger in ink well, so you can't get back into a polling place to vote again.

    Yep, a simple-minded solution for a simple-minded problem.

    •  It is not voter fraud, the problem is election (2+ / 0-)
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      Sue B, Mathazar

      fraud done by the State, county, etc.  Florida got away with election fraud in 2000 by throwing thousands of people off the voter rolls and Ohio got away with election fraud in 2004.....We could ask Mike Connell who did the fix in Ohio in 2004 but he was conveniently killed in an single airplane crash on Dec 19, 2008 just before Bush left office.  Connell was allegedly turning State's evidence against Blackwell and Ohio.

      the GOP like to blame everything on voter fraud.  Again the problem is election fraud.

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