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    The gutter debris sample from Chiba (#C) has the highest activity, and depending on how representative this sample is of the surrounding soil, MAY be indicative of significant enough cancer risk to human residents to encourage alternate patterns of occupancy or land use.  More information would be needed to quantify the severity of this kind of risk from external exposure and various routes of possible internal exposure.

    He didn't make any claims that the activity level was definitely a problem, but being a professional said what any professional would- it could be a problem, depending on other factors. The analyst is a radiation hobbyist, in addition to having a job in the field (I forget what at the moment, but I believe it's on his blog), so his saying that the activity levels could present a problem seems to indicate a high level of objectivity and professionalism on his part.

    The analysis interested me in part because I used to do very similar kinds of measurements, only on much larger activity levels of U and Pu in waste and other stuff. So I am familiar with his analysis and thought it might be of interest to people here to see such a measurement from one end to the other. Plus, being able to see Google street views of some of the sampling sites was cool.

    In addition, where I used to work it took a 50,000 acre range fire to liberate enough bomb test Cs-137 from the sagebrush surrounding our facility to begin to detect it in our routine environmental sampling while the dust was still blowing around after the fires. So I have a feel for what the Cs-137 background is like and what 10 to 100 times it would be like.

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    by billmosby on Mon Nov 07, 2011 at 11:39:29 AM PST

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      As they properly should, the researchers focused their data collection on specific nuclides in more or less comparable locations. I don't think the researchers were suggesting that other radionuclides of possible concern were not present, just as they weren't suggesting that they had made a through survey of a given area. They seem to have operated a focused, competent but limited survey.
      The apparent fact that one particular radionuclide was transported to Tokyo in quantities sufficient to surpass a post Chernobyl baseline by at least 1 to 2 orders of magnitude is certainly interesting.

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      by Andhakari on Mon Nov 07, 2011 at 12:13:29 PM PST

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