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View Diary: CONFIRMED: #OWS Surrounded Goldman Sachs HQ Chanting "Arrest George Bush" w/ GW Inside (292 comments)

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    For me (I am sixty-four), for the rest of my life, the Bush legacy which has caused a true Recesssion and the near decimation of the US middle and working classes, not to mention the death of hope for younger Americans in college and just out of school searching for work or even those out of High School,  - it will be here - that vile and acrid stench of oil, corruption, greed, the ruthless and arrogant and careless uber-rich (the 1%), the pay-no-taxes corporatists - their stench is a hanging over the United States like a fog over SF Bay or Tampa Bay.

    It is absolutely a disgusting situation for this nation and the world.  It is directly the result of deregulation, unbridled capitalist extremism, ownership of the government by the moneyed interests (corporations, oil conglomerates, pharmaceuticals, finance and stock corporations, health insurance companies, and on and on) and it all came into and over this nation in an orgy called Reagan/Bush with all the accompanying toadies and thieves and liars put in place by the right wing of the Republican party aligned with the corporatists and the right wing fanatical christianists.  

    It is an ugly and perfect storm. OWS and O Oakland and all across this nation.  If something is not done soon to reverse this redistribution of wealth to the top 1% and to stop the demonization  and disenfranchisement of all of the workers and students and thinkers and first responders  and the elderly poor and the ill and infirmed and the children living in poverty  who need to live in dignity and decency and who have families - well I think not only will the horrible effects of the GWB Admin remain with me and all of you until my death, then there will be suffering and violence.  That is already starting.

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