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View Diary: Cain accuser complained of unwanted sexual advance, reported it that night (94 comments)

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    well, thanks for saying this ontheleftcoast.  Either they will make her out to be a loose woman or slut, or as they do when they have no true defense is make her out to be mentally ill.  I can hear it now, she had problems, blah, blah.  

    Bottom line if Cain wasn't a perpetrator in the first place this woman would not have gotten any compensation nor would it have gone to a settlement.  Obviously no matter how they try to create an excuse for Cain's behavior bottom line is a settlement was granted given his inappropriate behavior, behavior most of us know is wrong.  And he wants to be President, yeah right, he doesn't even know right from wrong.

    I'm sick of this kind of mentality, that it is OK behavior if someone in a powerful position does it.  They always have an excuse.  Yeah, well Cain, if you got into trouble "blame yourself."

    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolution­ary act. " George Orwell

    by zaka1 on Thu Nov 03, 2011 at 04:55:37 PM PDT

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