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View Diary: Rick Perry's tax plan attacked by ... Phyllis Schlafly? (72 comments)

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  •  Schafley still making shit up (3+ / 0-)
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    after all these years:

    The joint income tax return for husbands and wives was landmark legislation.  The Republican Congress passed it in 1948 over President Truman's veto.

    (Seriously doubt the above, but not enough to research it.)  Here's an objective and verifiable false statement:

    And by the way, the postwar "baby boom" happened during the 20-year period when married couples were fairly valued in the federal income tax.

    The historical dating of the "baby boom" is 1946-1964.  Two years before the legislation that she claims made it happen passed.  Birth rates began dropping before the end of the official end of the "boom."  But in Schafley land:

    Subsequent tax reform bills, especially the one signed by Richard Nixon in 1969, which also introduced the hated Alternative Minimum Tax,...

    Aha -- the baby boom didn't end until 1969 when Nixon did something dastardly.  And everybody knows that federal income taxes and not access to birth control is what creates babies.

    Shouldn't surprise anyone that Scafley would criticize Perry.  He's just not her type of Republican; those more of the John Birch Society persuasion, preferably Catholic, are her kind.  Those like the Kochs.

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