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  •  the opiate of the masses. (3.50)
    religious leaders = assholes promulgating fairy stories for morons.

    the three 'great' (ha) religions of our time - capitalism, television, and the judeomuslimxtian racket - all work like aquarium filters, hoovering up three different sections of the populace, depending on what bait works for each: one can be hypnotized by money, another by sex, and a third by a need to feel better than and/or hate everyone else. three sides to the same rotten coin, all sharing a few common denominators: dependence on the Barnum Principle for their sustenance ('sucka born every minute'), dependence upon fear for the inculcation of 'loyalty' amidst their segment of sheeple, and dependence upon the absolute fuckin' stupidity of the very people they claim to exalt.

    show me a hummmer-drivin', survivor-watchin', church-goin' Fortune 500-employed middle manager with duct tape over his mouth standing outside a hospice and I'll show you the perfect american asshole.

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