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View Diary: Capitulation II: Rep. DeFazio Writes Me, Clarifies Role in Stupendously Stupid Sixty (15 comments)

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  •  You support the give away to big Pharma? (3+ / 0-)
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    boophus, mmmcoreyos, Onomastic

    As the congressman correctly points out, part D was passed by Bush as a give away to big Pharma, but your stance is that NOTHING can be cut.  There are many other very wasteful parts of Medicare that can be cut without hurting a single recipient, but you say you don't want ANY cuts.

    The congressman is absolutely correct about this, as I said in part I of your diary.

    •  Diarist didn't say he didn't want any spending (1+ / 0-)
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      cuts. Diarist's point is that engaging in the discussion on the terms set by conservatives, austerity pimps, republicans, and the Catfood Commission sets any attempt at hedging off deleterious cuts back, or kills it altogether.

      If you were honest you'd apologize for deliberately misrepresenting the author's diary in order to score a fallacious rhetorical point.

      •  The congressman raises a good point (1+ / 0-)
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        The congressman pointed out a huge part of Medicare that could be cut, but the diarist ignores this point.

        The title of the diary is

        Capitulation II: Rep. DeFazio Writes Me, Clarifies Role in Stupendously Stupid Sixty

        This strongly implies that the Democrats are giving in to the Republican cuts.  The congressman went out of his way to point out cuts can be made without hurting recipients.

        This is what the diary from yesterday said:

        So, why would any DEMOCRAT be part of a discussion that does not start: "here are the serious tax increases we will support because that's patriotic and American, now, you demonstrate whether there is any need to cut a single dime from social programs?"

        This strongly implies that NO cuts can or should be made.
        You ought not to question a persons honesty unless you are familiar with all the facts.

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