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View Diary: More Bucking, Shucking, and Jiving: Herman Cain is the Koch Brothers "Brother From Another Mother" (47 comments)

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  •  I have been mostly mute on this (3+ / 0-)
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    jaysunb, msmacgyver, mallyroyal

    site since the Great Purge (I wasn't purged: just sickened by the process), but I have to unmask myself just this once to tell you how much I agree with your analysis, down to your gentle push back against the delicate flowers who do not want to acknowledge Cain's obvious minstrel act.  And they should appreciate your moderation:  Where I come from, there are even more ways of describing Cain's behavior, some of which the delicate flowers among us might find even more offensive.  For example, you could have referred him to a tray-carrying, foot-dragging, butt-kissing lackey, a string of invectives I often heard in the old days when people in my community had occasion to talk about people like Cain.

    •  i have used some other harsh (2+ / 0-)
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      msmacgyver, mallyroyal

      (er) words too.

      glad you see I am being polite.

      He is an opportunist. I hate his allusions to slavery and the democratic plantation and how a history he should honor and have respect for is a toy for political gain.

      As my grandmother, who is from the South, would say about confused negroes like Herman Cain, that he bends over backwards to please people who wouldn't allow him the pleasure and privilege of cleaning their toilets. There is some deep racial Stockholm syndrome pathology at work in Cain, Fanon would have a field day.

      He is a slave catcher or better yet a slave driver. He relishes the role.

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