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View Diary: Fake Reporter Running Sham Nonprofit? (133 comments)

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  •  I'm sure the IRS... (4.00)
    might find this interesting.  Raising money for a legal defense fund to protect in a libel lawsuit.  That doesn't sound like religious, non-profit activity the law calls for.


    BTW, this si the first story under the ePluribus Media screen name.  All stories and diaries from the organization in the future will be submitted here this way.

    •  They Aren't (4.00) allows you to search for 501(c)3 organizations. The only one with that name is located in Boise ID.
      •  Also A search for 501 (4.00)
        In the town listed on the registration brings up nothing.

        It's kind of strange, are they lieing or is the IRS just slow to post info.

        So neither the BBB or the IRS has heard of these guys.

      •  I did that search too (none)
        Don't jump the gun quite yet, it may not mean anything.  A foundation may do business under another name, it's not too uncommon.  Still it does set off alot of warning bells that this might not  actually be a 501(c)(3).
        •  I checked The BBB database (none)
          And nothing for that address, name in the database....also the IRS Database can be searched by towns and states....nothing for the town on the story listed above either.
        •  call the IRS? (4.00)
          Anyone want to call the IRS to verify that they are/are not a 501(c)(3)?

          That number is:
          1-877-829-5500 and there's a brief phone tree.  That you have to go through (I've done it before, it's not too bad).  You'll need their full name and address.

          Another idea:  call/email the Free Speech Foundation, tell them you're thinking about making a contribution, and ask for either their EIN or a copy of their IRS form 990 (a required filing for 501(c)(3) orgs).

          •  duplication of effort (none)
            It appears that much of this research has already been done

            Has user Mote Dai managed to get a copy of the IRS-990?  Or find it's legal name?

            My apologies for wasting valuable electronic space.

          •  disclosure requirements (none)
            It happens that I did battle with a bogus 501c3 charity a couple years ago, so I know a bit about this.

            Charitable organizations are required to disclose their 501c3 application and annual form 990s on request.  You can also get them from the IRS, but that takes a while.  There is also a website that makes the 990s available (approx 6 months after they are filed).

            Even better is that if the organization has a place of business, and you make your request in person, they have to provide the information that day.  This is all described in IRS publication 557.

    •  Great, but practice what you preach, please. (4.00)
      I praise your investigative research. Nicely done.

      However, as the executive director of a nonprofit citizens group, and as someone who has been on the board of several charitable organizations, I also must urge you to practice what you preach in your own efforts.

      Here's what I mean:

      Recently, you folks posted a fundraising message for ePluribus Media on Daily Kos. You stated that this is a 501(c)4 organization, per IRS rules, and you solicited money from all of us. However, you provided little hard information about the board, goals, plans, structure, budgets, etc. for the group.

      When I clicked links for ePluribus Media, all I got was a fundraising page.

      If I didn't appreciate your posts, I would normally suspect the above was a scam, and if you applied to a foundation I was on the board of, I would be highly dubious of the legitimacy of the effort.

      I am saying all this again because you did not respond to these suggestions on the diary where you pitched for money.

      Having raised far larger sums than what you are seeking for my own organization, and as someone who wants to think this is a worthy and legitimate effort on your part, I again urge you to be more transparent and get more hard, verifiable information on your website before dunning people for money.

      If you are going to dig into the Republicans' shady nonprofit doings, best to get your own house in order, too -- because they will gun for you if you make any headway against them.

      Best of luck, but please get a professional website up with the above information and more before asking all of us to donate money based on blind allegiance.

      "Animals are my friends--and I don't eat my friends." (G.B. Shaw) Click to read the 'Union'

      by Hudson on Thu Mar 31, 2005 at 08:44:19 AM PST

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      •  Much appreciated... (4.00)
        Thanks for your expressing your concerns.  They are greatly appreciated and we understand.

        It's been a hectic time of formation, and while we've had our incorporation (501(c)4, BTW) completed by our attorney, we are, after all, citizens trying to start something and often we will make citizen-based judgement calls.

        In terms of your concerns expressed above, if you would like infomation about our board, plans, goals, budget (-$1500.00+, as of March 29) and structure, please contact me at nybir at epluribusmedia dot org.

        If people are uncomfortable donating, please don't.

        Your advice is good and we appreciate it. Rest assured, we are following guidelines that will make those interested in our organization -- not just for donations, but for reading and interacting -- as transparent as possible. Feedback from everyone is greatly appreciated and is what we are all about as we try to build a citizen-based journalism community.

        A bit about our mission:


        epluribus Media, is a cooperative of citizen volunteers dedicated to researching issues of common concern, exposing government propaganda and corruption, and encouraging the highest standards of ethics and journalism. That's our mission statement.

        Clearly, the journalism paradigm is changing. ePluribus Media will play an important role in its evolution. We are an enthusiastic, open-source community of researchers, writers, editors, technical experts, teachers, organizers, and activists.

        Our work is generated by our community of citizen journalists. We are formally committed to the principles enumerated in the Statement of Shared Purpose and the Citizen's Bill of Journalism Rights composed by the Committee of Concerned Journalists. If you would like to read our ethical
        standards, visit:


        We are developing an alternative, non-profit media outlet that endeavors to provide unfiltered, "people generated"_ news and analysis of the  highest ethical standards, focused on propaganda and the media.

        We take our lead from our community, engage in our own research, and develop and release our own stories.  

        The web site will be launched soon.

        Thanks again for your input.

    •  i haven't seen a wsj lately: (none)
      who owns the irs now?  i thouhgt it had been bought out and registered offshore.

      "how can i find out what i wanna find out if he don't find out what i gotta find out" / chicolini

      by 2nd balcony on Thu Mar 31, 2005 at 11:37:08 AM PST

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