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View Diary: Fake Reporter Running Sham Nonprofit? (133 comments)

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  •  In order to file a civil suit... (none)
    as I understand it, you need to be a contributor.  That's probably the quickest way to get this into court...but most, if not all, of the people who contributed knew about this sham...AND they got a nice tax deduction fro defendign against nasty liberals.

    So finding someone to file woudl be difficult.  Going the IRS complaint route would be effective, however, it would take quite a bit of time.  An IRS investigation about some Pro-GOP fund raising may have dragging feet, being part of this administration, and all.  

    BUT, I say that fully thinking the IRS should be notified and this should be pursued.

      •  What I'm curious about (4.00)
        Is if they are actually a 501....if they are not I believe that we could easily get them in trouble...use the Better Business Bureau to report a company using a fake 501 status to solicite money.  The IRS would care becasue those making contrabutions and tax exempting them just defrauded themselves....
        •  Just to clarify (none)
          Sorry for my ignorance. In the UK the tax benefit goes to the charity and not the individual taxpayer (so for example of each £1 I sent to the Tsunami appeal, the charities got £1.28).

          As I understand the US tax codes, donations to charities like the ones under this part of the code meant that the donor can claim tax back when they file their return. Am I right in saying that by filing a claim showing donations to this fake 501 and attempting to claim tax relief for doing so would be contrary to the code? Surely in this instance any donors would at the least have their rebate claim reduced and at most be prosecuted for filing a false claim?

          If so, surely it is the duty of any US citizen to make the IRS aware of potential tax fraud and therefore they should be inundated with reports of the "error" on Gannon's part.

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