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View Diary: Fake Reporter Running Sham Nonprofit? (133 comments)

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  •  Lying (4.00)
    There is no possible way that a new organization would be qualified as a 501(c)(3) immediately after organizing.

    The IRS isn't particularly quick, but they don't take a year and a half, either.

    •  Then I think we have them (4.00)
      It's one thing to show that they are breaking the rules of there is entirly another to show they commited fraud by claiming tax exempt status.
      •  Church? (4.00)
        Churches do not have to go through the vetting process that others do for 501(c)(3) qualification, but they are also not registered. The claim in the incorporation papers is that it was religious, but it doesn't fit the definitions in the IRS's handy guide at
        •  Are you telling me that Gannon was (none)
          Running a churh of some sort....hahaha, I'd like him to explain that.

          Pass around the donation hat.

          •  Only (4.00)
            I'm only claiming that the only legal way to call yourself a 501(c)(3) without registering and being vetted is to be a church. The incorporation information implies that this is a religious organization. The fraud was planned.
        •  In My Experience (4.00)
          It is harder to get the IRS to recognize a church.  I have organized dozens of tax-exempt organizations and obtained tax-exempt status for them, but only one of these was a church.  The requirements for recognition as a church were quite demanding and beyond those of the educational and animal welfare organizations I had done.  

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