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    Mr Robert, RainyDay

    I have a checking account and a credit card and a safe deposit box with USBank, A large bank in the west.  I already moved my savings and my real checking and opened a safe deposit box with   a northern California Credit Union when Huffington Post first suggested it last year.

    I went into my branch today and was greeted with trays of Dim Sum as 'Customer Appreciation Day'. (My neighborhood is heavily Chinese).  

    I told the teller.  Last month  I used my credit card for $1000 emergency car repair while out of state.  The repair broke again the next day.  I challenged the charge and got a response from the bank that they had credited my card, but informed me that if the charge was found to be more than 100 miles from home they would not give me the credit card protection.  I am waiting for them to figure out that Montana is more than 100 miles from California.  This is justification for closing my account without anything else.  

    I tried to pay a portion of the expected $1000  charge with the $500 left in my checking account as I close my account.  "No, you may not pay until billed."  
    "OK, then I will just take the money and close the account pay the credit card when the credit card department decides where Montana is."
    "No, you cannot close your checking account until you empty your safe deposit box."

    So now I am on my way to the Credit Union with $499 to make sure that my as yet unused safe deposit box is as expected.  I still have a $1 account at USBank that I am trying very hard to close.

    Then, when they refuse to protect my credit card purchase, I will close the credit card.  Another loose link, I have yet to open one with the credit union.

    What a project.

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