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    I closed by BoA accounts when they took the bailout. That pissed me off to no freaking end so when the bill went through and BoA held out their hand for my Money I immediately went to the bank and closed my checking and savings and when two months later I paid off the balance on the credit card I had, I closed that too.

    When the teller asked me why, I told her "Frankly I don't like your business practices in general and I don't like the fact that you just got a bailout of billions of dollars of tax money so I'm taking my business elsewhere."

    All I got was an "Ok, well I'm sorry to hear that." I was in and out in ten minutes, the faceless cog that I was.

    Now I'm perfectly happy with the credit union I have. I think their web banking site is a little lame but I'm willing to pay that price.

    But this whole 'move your money' thing makes me wish I would have opened a new account at BoA only to go back on Move your Money Day and tell them off again. Because now they're starting to panic.

    Good for the people. Its about time we stopped putting up with this bullshit and started hitting these assholes in the pocket. It's the only thing that phases them.

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