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View Diary: ME-Sen: Olympia Snowe looks completely dominant in new poll (122 comments)

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  •  Having lived in both states? I say "Like hell". (2+ / 0-)
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    Tiger in BlueDenver, MichaelNY

    O'Brien and the New Hampshire legislature were set on going the way of Wisconsin with state unions, until Lynch curtailed their plans.

    Meanwhile, over the border in Maine, LePage literally takes his plays from the ALEC rulebook, but he's stopped short of going the Full Walker.

    Part of that, I think, is that he's not particularly ambitious. Another part of that is that he's not particularly smart, and lets his mouth broadcast his plans, before his brain can tell him to be more discreet.

    And a third part of that (and the most relevant to this discussion) is that the GOP members of Maine's legislature threatened a minor revolt against him, if he didn't stop doing and saying stupid things to provoke the serfs.

    If you want an answer to the question of "Whither, Olympia?", you need look no further than our local (extremely corporate) newsmedia. They deify our "moderate" Senators, like most conservatives deify Reagan.

    Corporate Dog

    We didn't elect Obama to be an expedient president. We elected him to be a great one. -- Eugene Robinson

    by Corporate Dog on Sat Nov 05, 2011 at 11:49:49 AM PDT

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