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View Diary: Car Hits #OccupyDC Protesters Blocking Exits to Koch Brothers Event, Driver NOT Cited (UPDATED) (328 comments)

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  •  If i was scared enough for my safety, and alone (2+ / 1-)
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    in a car, I would use it to free myself. I would run people down if I thought it would save my life or that of my family.

    I don't justify the behavior of this driver, I am just saying, that I can't say that I might not do the same if I got scared enough.

    Especially if it was tea baggers or someone about whom I have heard so much BADNESS that I can no longer distinguish the individual from the propaganda.

    Once again, I am not justifying the behavior, I can't, because I wasn't there and didn't see it. I'm just saying these are very fearful people to begin with, and just maybe it shouldn't be surprising if they are afraid that the hippies might hurt them.

    After all, their protestors shoot abortion doctors, and women like Gabby Giffords........  And their last President and his administration tortured people and committed war crimes. Is it  really surprising if they expect the same behavior from us?

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