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  •  Campaign finance is a big problem (8+ / 0-)

    The idea that corporations are people (who never die, who can amass enormous concentrations of wealth and power, who get special treatment under tax laws, who have no obligation to the general welfare, whonhave no consciences) is absurd on its face and incredibly destructive in it's application. Allowing them unlimited ability to spend money on elections is an enormous problem.

    I suspect, by the way, that the quickest way to deal with the problem is (ironically) at a state level. Corporations are creatures of state law and subject to state laws and registration requirements. If some large state like California were to pass a law saying that (for instance) corporations cannot register to do business in the state if they spend any money to impact elections, whether directly or through an intermediary entity or entities... That would go a long way to solving the problem.

    •  huh? (0+ / 0-)

      60% of US corporations are registered in Delaware (including Microsoft).  

      If a state passed such a law, politically-active firms would simply re-register in another state. (You may recall that Seattle's iconic company, Boeing, moved headquarters to Chicago in 2001, just a couple years after you moved to Washington State.)

      Incorporation in any one state generally allows a firm to do business in all 50 states (with rare exceptions for state licensing of professions, etc.).  Attempts to limit this would quickly run afoul of the Constitution and Federal restraint-of-trade laws.

      We wouldn't want Texas to be able to prohibit NARAL if it spends money to impact elections.

      If you're interested in getting involved in Washington State politics, Darcy, I hope you'll run for a state legislature seat in Olympia; as Roger Goodman, Steve Hobbs, Marko Liias and Laura Ruderman have done.

      Out-of-state dKossians might want to read the local press, before making pledges. E.g.:
      1. ("Burner is an obnoxious, entitled climber who thinks she's so smart she deserves a seat in Congress as her first elected job—and that making this so becomes an end in itself.")

      •  States can require corps to register (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Bob Love

        States can require corporations to register in order to do business in that state. See International Shoe Co v. Washington. And California is big enough that no major corporation would be likely to decline to do business there.

        As for the smears, they're smears (especially as you take them out of context and - my favorite - post on DailyKos a smear about my participation on DailyKos). Whichever candidate you're for, make the affirmative case. The door is wide open.

    •  We really can't wait (0+ / 0-)

      any longer for the states to deal with this issue individually, IMO.  I think we need to look at federal regulation, or constitutioal amendment.  We seriously have to attack the issue of corporate personhood and corporate financing of government and elections now, before the behemoth eats our Democracy.  Job ONE, IMO.  good luck, Darcy!

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