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  •  Thank Bush for picking a (0+ / 0-)

    mis-managed program, with a true believer in his own program.  

    Luckily Obama has been trying to clean up the mess

    Check out vehicles like CST-100, Dragon, Dreamchaser, (and a few others), and rockets like the Atlas V, and the Falcon 9.  

    Good stuff

    •  Obama's as bad as Bush. (0+ / 0-)

      Obama continues the same declining US space technology policies as Bush, as Obama does with so many of Bush's bad policies from $1T military budgets to re-upping Bush tax cuts to keeping US dependent on Exxon/BP oil.

      So Obama is no better than Bush Jr. for US space program and in turn US technological competitiveness which is expressed in large degree on space capabilities.

      There is a lack of vision, a lack of clear vision of REAL US national security issues on the part of Obama who has proven to be a pedestrian, follow the leader and Obama's "leader" is the failed Bush Jr.

      Space program being a perfect example where Obama spends even more than Bush on economically and scientifically damaging military spending while cutting back on US space program.

      •  Sorry, but no (0+ / 0-)

        on Space, Obama has tried, really tried.  

        First, he canceled Constellation (which needed to be canceled - $15 Billion or so and no actual flight of a vehicle)

        Then, he initiated the Commercial Crew program, which is pushing us towards NEVER not having access to space again, because its pushing the development of multiple vehicles for HSF.  Although its suffered some setbacks, its still going forward.  

        He also tried to restart the space technology program.  This has suffered a lot (thanks to people who want to use NASA to fund their person pork projects - looking at the Florida, Alabama & Texas delegation in particular).  But his FY2011 budget was a huge step forward for NASA.  

        Even with the setbacks forced by the 2010 Authorization Law, they are still trying.  

        On other issues, there is complaining that can be done, but on Space, he has tried his damnest.  

        •  "Sorry" describes Obama weak space policy. (0+ / 0-)

          "on Space, Obama has tried, really tried."

          No evidence of Obama trying AT ALL much less "really, really, really, really" trying.   Results speak for themselves, a CONTINUED four year decline in US space program under Obama.

          Obama simply followed on Bush Jr's failed policies.  No vision, no direction, no good results.  Massive overspending on military and end of US manned program and US space capabilities.  There is no escaping the misplaced priorities and lack of understanding by Obama of science, technology and REAL US national security.

          •  How was he suppose to prevent the gap? (0+ / 0-)

            Within the confines of where the program is, What would you have done differently?  

            How would you have tried to do things differently with Space?  Constellation was a go nowhere program.  The Shuttle NEEDED to be retired (it really did).  

            The chance for prevent a gap was in 04-06, but Obama wasn't there to change our strategy when it needed to be changed.  

            I want to know - what would you do differently?

            •  An answer Obama owes voters, not other way. (0+ / 0-)

              You've got the question backwards.  Obama ran for president to provide leadership in 21st century, that most definitely includes the technology lead that is rooted in US space program.  Obama has no answers, no vision, no leadership. He simply followed on with Bush's failed policies, going one worse by canceling even more programs.

              After four years, US has a right to ask is our space program more focused and funded and on track?  The answer is no it is not and Obama's lack of leadership and vision is the problem.  A problem across the board for the US not just NASA but it certainly shows in NASA's drift.

              •  Actually, Obama has offered an answer (0+ / 0-)

                and I agree with the answer.  You don't.

                So, the question is, what would you like to have seen differently?

                •  You like Obama's failing US space program. (0+ / 0-)

                  That's OK but don't try and dress it up as anything other than a US failing and an Obama failure of leadership.

                  If Obama's plans go another four years, US space program will be further behind.  Obama has no plan for US preeminence in space technology.

                  Look at NASA's "What's Next" and it is a road map that goes backwards particularly on manned flight which will be exclusively Chinese and Russian.

                  •  I've looked at it (0+ / 0-)

                    and know much of it in-depth.  

                    First, what precisely would you have liked to see?  I am sorry, but merely saying "Obama failed to deliver" isn't that.  So, please, tell me specifically what you would've liked to see.  What would you have done differently, if you were president in 09?

                    Second, we were going to be stuck with using the Russians no matter what.  The question is, how can we shorten the gap.  I've already discussed that in depth, with the vehicles mentioned.  

                    So, again, what would you have done?

                    •  US needed plan and budget to gain preeminence. (0+ / 0-)

                      And Obama was and is not interested in US having technology lead in space (or any area) and this is demonstrated by his actions.

                      As with everything Obama (energy, climate, green economy, economic equality, Wall St regulation, health care) US is going backwards.

                      Space program with NASA having NO PLANS for going back to space for the foreseeable future is just one example.

                      Obama's lament "what could I do" is the signature line of his failed presidency on every issue.  A plan to move forward and real steps are what Obama needed to do and he failed to do it.  $1.3T PER YEAR for military as US loses the real economic and technology wars.

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