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  •  And here is the issue (0+ / 0-)

    This is wish fullfilment.  "I want."  The resources are currently being burned up at a breakneck speed, every bit of energy we have right now is plugged into some use, with almost nothing to spare, much less to develop an entire alternative energy option or options.  Can you give me an actual way to maintain our current tech, or are you going to go on proselytizing the myth of progress?  We have no individual will in this country to lower our energy expenditure, and certainly no national will to lower it.  We could cut our energy consumption by a third or two-thirds, have a standard of living not much different than Europe, but nothing is being done.  We have a pro-science movement attacking fundamentalists for trying to put mythology into the classroom, but not one sceptic willing to look at the myth that we have enough energy to do what we want forever.  And our technology, our understanding of the universe, even the replicability of the majority of scientific experiments itself, is going to suffer.

    •  Re: (0+ / 0-)

      We do have the energy to do whatever we want, if we are willing to look for it.  Yes, I am all for cutting wasteful consumption, but that is nowhere near enough long term.  We'll need more energy.  Unless we are going to accept some pretty stringent changes on our lifestyles.

      And there is plenty of energy, long term.  But, I agree, it means changing how we get it.  Solar & wind and the like are good, but long term won't be enough.  IMHO, long term, we'll need to be looking at things like nuclear, and space-based solar.  Because from these, there is more than enough energy

      •  So (0+ / 0-)

        we have nuclear, which is going up in expense due to scarcity, and if you doubt me, please go see that most of our nuclear fuel comes from old Russian warheads rather than mined metal, and space solar, which is vaporware, a currently non-existent tech that would need massive development, massive energy to start running, and lots of maintenance in order to see any return.  And we have no reserves at the moment to make it happen.  Got ya.

        •  If we did re-capture of nuclear fuel (0+ / 0-)

          there is a lot of it left over. Yes, I know we are using Russian nuclear weapons for our fuel (we put a LOT of uranium into weapons - I'd rather be using that for fuel than for weapons).  

          I just don't believe our options are limited to sit down and die.  

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