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View Diary: XCOR: wanna take a ride into space? (187 comments)

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  •  What would those "silly astronauts" know vs. YOU (0+ / 0-)

    It is exactly the "incoherence" of Obama's NASA plans that is the problem.  US lacks a coherent plan to go from point A to point B in space technology.

    •  You want Astronauts? We've got astronauts (0+ / 0-)

      1.  How about Ms Sally Ride, and Leroy Chaio, who were involved in the Augustine committee, that the president's space plan was built around?  Go read that report, and you'll see it.

      2.  How about a letter from a number of space leaders, including astronauts, backing Obama's work (specifically the FY 2011 budget)

      3.  But, since by Cernan's own claim, we are doing this "for the children", we look at what students want.  Fortunately, SEDS (Students for the Exploration & Development of Space) provide us with yet another letter

      4.  You keep talking about technology, but in point of fact, NASA hasn't been really developing technology for HSF to the point where the tech can be deployed and commercially viable for quite a while.  Obama is trying to do that with the creation of the OCT, and programs like gamechanging technologies & Tech demo missions.  To see details, here are some examples from last year, but a lot of it is still pertinent - A New Space Exploration Enterprise and NASA Space Technology

      5.  Then, let us actually compare the competing visions, one of which is a return to trying to do Apollo (without Apollo's budget, BTW) and one that involves trying to build an industry and technology, rather than NASA specific systems.  So, lets do a comparison of 2 launch systems (Ares I which follows the old model, and Falcon 9 which follows the new model).  By NASA's own account, at the time of Ares I cancellation, they spent somewhere between $10-15 Billion.  On rocket development.  And please note, they hadn't flown a completed rocket (they hadn't even flown a completed first stage) at its cancellation.  Now, compare that with the Falcon 9, which was done in the mold of how Obama wants to do things.  That rocket, started roughly at the same time, has flown 2 times so far (3rd flight coming up early next year), and the total government investment on that rocket was less than $1 Billion dollars.

      You tell me which makes more sense.  

      Armstrong & Cernan have become mouthpieces for Mike Griffin, and Dr. Griffin's vision for NASA is built around the myth 1960s NASA, something that cannot be recreated.  Obama's plan has offerred that.  Constellation was NEVER going to deliver.  

      •  US wants/needs coherent space program. (0+ / 0-)

        Obama failed to follow through on Augustine Report which called for funding vs. the Obama type approach of plans and then no funding, or more correctly with Obama, no plans no funding. The worst of all worlds and so US lags.

        If Obama is re-elected, in four years the US space program will have regressed to third rate, behind China and Russia, possibly even fourth rate behind the EU even.

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