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View Diary: Confounding Romney, Federal Employee Pay Deficit Widens (12 comments)

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  •  As a federal employee.... (0+ / 0-)

    ....this kind of hateful rhetoric terrifies me.  Federal employees do a lot of important work.  I currently work for VA taking care of veterans-you know, that group that Republicans pretend to care about.  I can't imagine having to do even more than we do already, but with less.  I think a lot of the Tea Party folks would be very upset if it took even longer to get their disability benefits than it does now.  Of course, it would be all our fault because we're a bunch of fat, lazy govt employees, not the fault of the politicians they elected who subsequently eviscerated the govt workforce.  

    Wanna cut something from the federal workforce?!  How about cutting executive level pay and positions-VA at least (and probably many other agencies) is very top-heavy with SES paygrade positions who get paid huge amounts of money in salary and bonuses for doing very little.  At least, this is how it appears to the rank-and-file.  Who knows, maybe they do a great deal; I just haven't seen any evidence of it.  Anyway, you'd get a lot of bang for the buck by cutting these positions and/or payscales while at the same time improving morale in the rest of the federal workforce by keeping our pay and benefits safe.  Continuing to cut the average federal employee's salary or benefits is not the answer.  Most of us can't really afford to take any more cuts, and morale is rock-bottom as it is.  I think it's time the bloated SES folks feel the pinch, too-

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