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View Diary: Confounding Romney, Federal Employee Pay Deficit Widens (12 comments)

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  •  This started under Reagan. (0+ / 0-)

    I was there.  They assumed that contracting out was cheaper than keeping work internal to the government.  I don't know if they really believed this but that was what they said.  No effort was made to keep any data that might allow a cost comparison.  One of the bad things about it was that although it took more people and cost more, the actual people doing the work were not necessarily paid more, the extra cost was caused by higher overhead costs.  At levels like janitorial service the people were paid much less and had no protection and no stability as they had as civil service employees.

    Some of that changed when they passed the double dipping law.  Then lots of retired military officers who might have joined the civil service went to work for companies instead.  They cost MUCH more than they would have otherwise, and increased the amount of higher level government jobs that went to contractors.  

    Now it isn't at all clear in the military that contractors aren't making the decisions in many cases.  And higher ranking officers are thinking about making huge salaries after they retire by going to work for contractors.  It is utterly corrupt.  Especially generals.  None of them should be allowed to work for any company that has anything to do with the military ever after they retire.  

    They repealed the double dipping law, it was a pretty big mistake (or deliberate) in retrospect.  But it is too late.  Some of the most truly ethical military officers go into the civil service now, but most still want to go make the big bucks with contractors.  Most of them are too young and have too many debts to just retire and not have a job.

    It's a serious problem that has not gotten much attention anywhere, and now we are so buried in much bigger problems that it isn't important enough to make a huge stink about.  Not as important as the banksters.  But part of the system that is wrecking the country.

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