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View Diary: Video, Photos: 12,000+ People Surround White House Demanding a Stop to Dirty Tar Sands Pipeline (186 comments)

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    Matt Z, Escamillo

    about the White House wonks losing votes.

    Although, I guess, you are right, the comment was more incoherent than anything else, since I fail to see how Bank Transfer Day has anything to do with the number of votes Obama gets.

    •  Its very simple (1+ / 0-)
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      Americans were taking a stand on principles they share with their president.
      Fair banking.
      Energy production that is responsible, safe and sustainable.

      Imagine McCain had won, you think he would have completely ignored the Tea Party protests and marches or equivocated them with the left?

      You think he would have ignored a Koch funded "grass roots" campaign to build more pipelines to tar sand crude in Canada.

      You Betcha!

      But our president hides in a corner with his clownish advisers who could care less about the base or winning 2012.
      They just can't wait for Third Way's next briefing.

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