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View Diary: Video, Photos: 12,000+ People Surround White House Demanding a Stop to Dirty Tar Sands Pipeline (186 comments)

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  •  I do have some ideas and since I live (0+ / 0-)

    in the DC area I'm putting together a proposal to pitch to groups like, Sierra Club, Alliance for Climate Protection, etc. to get more independents and conservatives on board.  

    I won't divulge the gist of the pitch but I'll leave you with a tease though.  Conservatives and liberals read/listen/watch different media and they won't agree on the facts on the ground and how to achieve mutually desired outcomes.  The key is to focus on stated values, keep the message simple and phrase it in a way that only a few facts will guide a person's thinking.  It's not easy but I'm hoping to be able to get a lot more people thinking, caring and acting in concert with their own stated values.

    Be well.

    We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

    by theotherside on Tue Nov 08, 2011 at 07:59:46 AM PST

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