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  •  And you fail to see the damage a right wing (1+ / 0-)
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    Democratic party has done and continues to do to the poor and middle class.

    The Democrats have no problems cutting and reforming the social safety net.

    The Democrats cut Welfare.

    The Democrats repealed Glass Steagel.

    How many reforms/cuts to the social safety net under 8 years of

    Democrats adopted all of the best RW parts of the Heritage Foundation's plan and Romneycare while throwing out the parts that weren't, like public option, pharma negotiated pricing and now, most recently, Long-Term Care coverage.

    There has been more damage done to the poor and middle class under DEM presidents.

    DC Democrats are just moderate conservatives now, and are getting cover to enact moderage conservative policies.

    That what the anger is about.

    And it will continue here and on every truly Democratic Blog until the party corrects itself.

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