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View Diary: Low-wage contract workers in Michigan veterans home come with hidden costs (31 comments)

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  •  The way these things work is simple (2+ / 0-)
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    salmo, Matt Z

    The government contracts out the service.

    A right winger "made guy" (member of the right-wing mafia) gets a "contract" for the services.

    The government pays the right-wing mafioso as set fee for every person "cared for."

    Mafioso takes 50%+ for his share for every "client,"* and pays an incompetent with an LPN a pittance for actually DOING the work.

    End result: the mafioso becomes rich (or, more likely, richer) and patients die faster and suffer more.

    The purpose of "health care" for the elderly in America has nothing to do with health and every thing to do with draining their bank account before allowing (helping) the victim (I mean patient) to die.

    * they used to be called "patients," but in modern America, there are no patients, only "profit centers" with arms and legs and a beating hart (but only for a short period of time -- until the money runs out).

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