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View Diary: John McCain and Leon Panetta - Time to Cut Military Benefits (116 comments)

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  •  Moderate Republican is an oxymoron (9+ / 0-)

    In 8/09, while the complete chimera of the "Gang of 6" healthcare "negotiations" were still ongoing, Grassley, a leading "moderate," was talking about death panels that would:

    have a government program that determines if you're going to pull the plug on grandma."

    We have a nasty stretch ahead of us in which preventing benefit cuts and maybe getting the focus on imperial overstretch might be achievable.  It will be MANY years before a major move on health care can even be considered.  That train left the station last November.

    Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?

    by RFK Lives on Tue Nov 08, 2011 at 06:05:14 AM PST

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    •  So now it's okay to FUBAR GI Joe's & grandma's (3+ / 0-)

      benefits, health care coverage, and implode their financial security, due to the inner circle's having declared an 'austerity' crisis and rushing to identify those whose needs must be sacrificed in order to preserve & even increase the Bush tax cuts. Yes soldier, the bottom line is, frankly, a long winding dotted one, running across your backsides and front.

      See how far we've come down Austerity Lane now that this is talking out loud 'thinkable'--a path which ends in a cliff and our 'leaders' setting aside their timidity and intently focused on selecting who must to be tossed into the ditch or heaved over the cliff first.  So they imagine they can avoid that now unthinkable political sacrifice of having to raise taxes on those who best can and should afford paying their full and fair share as part of what's owed our society, which has enabled them to gather and preserve such wealth, protected by our government provided and expensive national security.  These apparently are the only real constituents worth protecting from the horrific profit-sucking, grinding clawing maw of funding public government.

      Now it's 'serious' policy talk to propose avoiding our social responsibility to raise the needed revenues to cover the health care access costs for the people who already sacrificed to protect and give us our future.  One more segment of the 99% of society getting pushed hard off the out for that drop, save your pennies for when it gets worse, and, of course, thanks for your service.  Government was founded to improve our welfare & security, to guarantee all our freedoms, to expand prosperity and opportunity for all, not to restrict and take it away, especially from those who've sacrificially taken up and met the duty to defend us--such notions are now quaint and unworkable.

      Apparently, there's not enough veterans showing up at Occupy events yet. And if they do show up and have the temerity to again volunteer to put themselves in harm's way, getting between citizens and a dangerous militarized domestic threat enraged at citizens exercising their rights, it's just too bad for them--they choose to step out of line and take those bullets. Republicans & like-minded leaders certainly don't want to cover the costs of harming veterans on our own soil (okay, actually they'll happily pay for the harming--just not the healing), whether they're already damaged goods or harmed foolishly trying to defend us against our domestic threats--this idea of trying to maintain or restore their health is no longer felt an obligation or duty of their government.

      So, if Republicans were looking for ways to reduce the value of enlisting & re-enlisting in regular forces and bust more 'social contracts', er entitlements, they have found a big one, which seems a surefire way to decrease national security. How long until they think to be consistent, and ask the hundreds of thousands of private security we employ to also forfeit big chunks of wages and benefits? [crickets chirping]  Why not ask shared sacrifice first from the mercenary class, from the merchants of war and it's high priced tech?

      As a cousin of Marine that lost 3 limbs and part of face to IED last month, it truly baffles and frightens me to realize just how cruelly tone deaf our leadership is, especially in the run up to an election year. One more segment of society to be pushed hard towards having to beg and and required to surrender being treated with basic dignity and compassion, who must bear the cost of this withdrawal of national support.  One more hard kick to those slipping into the ditch just to save America from taxes and  responsibility for the social costs of waging war.  Walking away from social responsibilities comes so easily to our leadeship now.

      Seems easy enough to the 99% that this can be fixed if we just 'bite the bullet' and save the budget (and why not include a universal health plan!) by something like transaction taxes on all Wall Street trading.  Tack on a surtax to media advertising income as well, especially since our 2012 election cycle is going to be biggest money bomb yet, and since money = free speech, why not tax it, especially since these same leaders seem set on repressing it, which also suggests they don't really believe our troops are really fighting for it anyway. Don't tax paying voters deserve some return, some beneficial share of this financial weapon of electorate destruction?  

      Several funding options have been used in the past to help with military spending.  Some of us remember paying (and perhaps resisting) a federal telephone service tax toward funding the Viet Nam War.  Some of us remember War Bonds being utilized to fund the great world wars of the 20th Century, giving all a share in both the costs and the interest paid towards funding these wars.  While on the subject of bonds, some of us may remember when US Treasury Savings Bonds paid citizens a respectable rate of interest.

      Clearly too many in Congress and leadership feel it's a terrible waste of dollars to support the sacrificially working and fighting classes, and feel it's perfectly okay to conscript their financial security in their expanding war against taxing the rich, making oil shareholders & execs wealthier, and still holding that never ending IRR obligation over soldiers who once 'volunteered'.  See, in their minds, these soldiers asked for it, they asked for potentially life-threatening abuse, they volunteered to sacrifice all for country, they signed up for that on the dotted line, in blood, when they simply should have known better than to expect that contract would be honored when it came to meeting the ongoing health needs as a wounded casualty and the burden upon their family.

      And this WTF moment is brought to us by the classes of people who so often publicly bemoaned how the awful flag-burning DFH's and traitorous activists opposed the wars and atrocities waged overseas in our name and undermined the troops.  Let's call this proposed bill/act F.U.B.A.R. -- Federal Uniformed Benefits Austerity Reaming Act.

      When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

      by antirove on Tue Nov 08, 2011 at 12:18:58 PM PST

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