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  •  You've taken too much abuse (5+ / 0-)

    Nobody should have to endure that kind of treatment on the job or anywhere else. What they did to you, in essence, threatened bodily harm. They may not have said it, but that was the underlying message. They both should have been fired outright.

    •  Yeah, I know. And you got the short version. (2+ / 0-)
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      marina, AllisonInSeattle

      And I am a bit conflicted, because I think  if it had  been sexual in nature, I would have reacted the way my father taught me, and busted the bastard in the head with the closest 2x4.
      I have been well trained how to handle that.

      But to have someone who was my supervisor, and twice my bodyweight to boot yell in my face, and then grab me by the collar of my shirt, I was not prepared for that. I was in shock.
      I got away from him and got the whole shop distance between us before I said anything, but I that kind of physical threat was something I had not been through since elementary school playground horse play.

      I know now I should have screamed assault as loud as possible and called the police, but I had never been through anything like that before, and I just wanted to get away from him.

      The other guy, the Liar, like to throw things when he was pissed off. I once watched him throw lumber down onto  a moving table saw. He also liked to yell at me in front  of the kids who worked for us, and then later tell me he couldn't remember it, or that it wasn't about me, so it didn't matter. Bastard.

      He was telling me recently that his daughter was quitting her job and moving back to California because her boss was a psycho, and she couldn't deal with him anymore. I must be getting braver, because I couldn't resist asking if her boss  threw things.

    •  I also have to say that a lot of women go through (2+ / 0-)
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      marina, AllisonInSeattle

      what I have been through where I work. Some of it has been sexual in nature (not in my department that I am aware of)
      and some of it has been racial.

      It is common for all of us. Way, way too common.  I thought I was tough before this happened to me. Not so.  I find myself shaking now, at the slightest confrontation. I will still stand up for myself, but it is a lot harder now. The stress is physical painful.

      I know that I was lucky, I know that it can be/ has been much worse for a lot of women.

      •  It sounds like the company (1+ / 0-)
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        is weak on enforcing its policies if it has any. That's putting it mildly.

        If you feel you can talk with some of the other women who have been mistreated, you may find you have a case for legal action. But even short of legal action, just talking with others and knowing you're not alone can be very empowering.

        Best of luck, Azubia.

        •  I will be all right. The worst is over for me, now (1+ / 0-)
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          When I became a Union Steward, I found out just how bad the system is. That is when I discovered I am very lucky indeed. And I have a very intelligent and loving man to support me.

          Thank you for your kindness.

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