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    CatM, Azubia

    i am so sorry you have gone through all this.  your diary is the most difficult reading i have undertaken in quite a while: i barely made it through. i bet a lot of women felt like that because you captured it all so well.  

    you expressed it all so well, and i not only believe and  understand what you say about the endless questioning of self, the distrust of others, etc. etc.  i completely identify. i think a lot of women do and even though each one of us individually might not have had all the same experiences you did, we had a lot of them, and then some you haven't mentioned!

    a very very well-written diary that had the effect on me of relieving some of the guilt and self-questioning.

    'We apologise for any inconvenience during essential global improvement works' - sign on the front steps of St. Paul's, OccupyLondon.

    by doesnotworkorplaywellwithothers on Tue Nov 08, 2011 at 09:03:39 PM PST

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