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  •  This entire situation is deeply troubling (3.80)
    A conservative southern Baptist judge presides over the case.  He rules against the interests of the extreme right. The extreme right starts a petition drive to impeach him.

    Federal Courts -- which avoid family law cases like the plague -- are given special authority to review a single case.

    The Federal Government bullies its way into a traditional state matter.  Look cafefully at the US Code.  There is no family, probate or guardianship code.  That's because this is a state matter.

    An individual who cannot defend herself is thrust into the public spotlight and used as a pawn of the religious right.  Her legally assumed spokesperson -- her husband -- is villified.

    Pundits -- who did not sit for the 6 years of trial -- comment on the weight of the evidence without knowing, seeing or hearing the entire body of evidence.

    The basic strategy of the Republican spokespersons has always been to try and label facts uncomfortable to them as being "partisan" -- Left Coaster

    by bonddad on Thu Mar 31, 2005 at 11:20:35 AM PST

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