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  •  Intemperate (none)
    I agree. Delay's language was wildly intemperate and inflammatory, but I don't read what he said as being a threat. It behooves democrats to be temperate and reasoned in their language, and not to respond in a way that the people will interpret as being irresponsible. Let the republicans do the shouting and show themselves for what they are. It's fine to say that Delay's intemperate language may incite the insane to violence, but quite another thing to make the claim that Delay is threatening the judges. He simply did not do that. He made no threats against the judges. Let's not get involved in the business of tossing wild charges about. That sort of thing does us no good, in the end. A reasoned response dealing with the facts of the case is what is needed.
    •  I disagree (4.00)
      I do see what he said as a threat, but it was an empty one.  The "men responsible" are either federal judges, appointed for life, which Delay can't do anything to or about (short of impeachment, which is so rare lightning hits more often), or Florida state judges, beyond the purview of Tom DeLay, believe it or not.  Judge Greer was just reelected last year, in SPITE of his rulings in Schiavo, and plans to retire at the end of this term.  

      So threaten away, Tom.  You're just trying to divert attention from your own upcoming stake-burning.  Hopefully, you'll get indicted, by the state of Texas or the feds.  But, either way, I think you're going.  You're just too radioactive these days - and your brothers in the GOP on the Hill hate you (and can't wait for you to be gone), and the White House is starting to discover you're more trouble than you are worth (bet that's the last time Georgie comes down from Crawford because you tell him to).

      We do not rent rooms to Republicans.

      by Mary Julia on Thu Mar 31, 2005 at 01:53:10 PM PST

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