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View Diary: Conservative Federal Judge Blasts Congress Over "Terri's Law" (82 comments)

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  •  Off topic, but... (4.00)
    What's with all the Terri Schiavo/Jesus Christ comparisons?

    Does that strike anyone else as a bitty creepy and inappropriate? I remember when Elian Gonzalez was also considered Christ-like back in 2000. Not only are Elian and Terri supposedly martyrs, but they are suddenly on the same level as Christ?

    Ridiculous. And even blasphemous, in my mind.

    •  The reason I wrote this (none)
      Was I just saw a picture on the NY Times front page of a Terri Schiavo right wing protestor mourning her death. Above this protestor was a picture of Terri right next to a picture of Jesus.

      As if allowing a brain dead woman to die is the same as crucifying a prophet.

    •  I was just wading through the stinking swamp (none)
      of FReeperland.  Every other post is filled with comparisons of Terri as Jesus and equating her death with the Holocaust.  It would be funny if these circumstances weren't so damn complicated and sad.  Some of those folks over there are offering moderate voices and being flamed by the wackjobs incessantly. The rule of law seems to be lost on the facist wing of the Christian Church.  I pray to God everyday that these lost sheep will find their way, but the maniacal Dale Gribble(King of the Hill) mentality seems to be nearly incurable.

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