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View Diary: Conservative Federal Judge Blasts Congress Over "Terri's Law" (82 comments)

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  •  It's amazing!! (none)
    In passing Terri's law, the Republicans hypocritically abandoned the ideals of federalism and separation of powers about which they have preached for years.

    Then, on the front page of dkos, a poster celebrates the opinion of a Scalia-like appellate Judge who points out the obvious constitutional problems with Terri's law.

    In fact, that poster cluelessly goes on to promise, "the next time that Congress blatantly over-steps its constitutional authority as it did here, we'll have a powerful new arrow in our quiver, thanks to Judge Birch."

    Fair enough...

    And the next time DavidNYC attempts to advance a pro-state's rights, pro-separation of powers argument without simultaneously admitting that for decades, left-leaning courts have "blatantly over-stepped their constitutional authority" in deciding cases like Roe v. Wade.... well, he'll have as much credibility as the hypocritical Republicans who voted for Terry's law.


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