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  •  From Maine (9+ / 0-)
    Maine's Voters Overwhelmingly Reject LePage Agenda in Same-Day Registration Vote
    Portland, ME - [Maine's Majority PAC (] is welcoming tonight's passage of Question 1 as a victory for Maine's working families and an unmitigated defeat for Gov. LePage and the corporate special interests that have dictated his legislative agenda.

    The Question 1 showdown pitted a locally driven effort to restore Maine's decades-old Election Day registration law against a smear campaign backed by anonymous - and presumably out-of-state - funders. Question 1 supporters ran a positive campaign focused on the merits of same-day registration: its benefits to working Mainers and its role in helping Maine achieve one of the highest voter turnout rates in the nation.

    Opponents of Question 1 countered by barraging voters with a series of shrill messages: first false charges of voter fraud, then unfounded claims of out-of-state meddling, and finally a homophobic ad campaign intended to turn same-sex marriage opponents against Election Day registration.

    "Paul LePage and the Maine Republican Party's inability to articulate a clear and compelling argument against Question 1 speaks volumes about the motivations behind the repeal of Election Day registration," said Maine's Majority PAC director Chris Korzen. "The Election Day registration ban was never designed to benefit the citizens of Maine. Rather, it was just one more item on the corporate special interest wishlist that has driven the LePage Administration's policy agenda. Tonight's victory is a clear indication that the people of Maine won't stand idly by while our state is sold off to the highest bidder."

    Indeed, some Maine Republican lawmakers have come under fire in recent months for introducing model legislation from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a corporate-funded organization that works to advance big business-friendly policy at the state level. ALEC is currently pursuing election law changes in a host of Republican-controlled states.

    Though not an official member of the Yes on Question 1 coalition, Maine's Majority PAC played a leading role in creating visibility for the campaign. It oversaw production of the campaign's first television ad and managed printing and distribution of some 2,000 "Yes on 1" bumper stickers. It also spearheaded a social media effort through its 11,000-member strong "We are the 61% of Maine that did not vote for Paul LePage" Facebook group.

    Maine's Majority PAC's "Yes on 1" efforts were funded entirely by sticker sales and small donations.

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