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View Diary: Navigating White Privilege and Liberal Racism: 10 Tips for Blogging While Black On the Daily Kos (228 comments)

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  •  Did someone estrapolate "no good will come?" (3+ / 0-)
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    The argument re Lewis above, as I take it, provides a strong counterpoint to your "Bullshit #3" claim.  Chauncey appears to be expressing that in his view there was reason for folks, black and otherwise, to be offended by the treatment Lewis received by Occupy Atlanta.  Argument then ensued that Chauncey was falling for a conservative perpetrated lie and really there was no reason for offense.  It comes across as an attempt to let him know that despite whatever experience and background he brings to the table, he is just wrong and his experience of the event cannot be accepted and is not welcome here.  Just my opinion though...

    Nowhere was I claiming that the Lewis event shows that "nothing good will ever come" of the occupy movement.

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